The Thomas P. O'Sullivan Foundation

The Thomas P. O'Sullivan IV Foundation was established to honor this special man and to celebrate his life's work of harmonizing mind, heart, spirit and body. This nonprofit organization provides funding for research, education, advocacy, prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer.



In selecting what type of fundraiser the Foundation should kick-off with, it was an easy decision. Tom loved to golf! Each fall, the Foundation holds the Tom O’Sullivan Memorial Golf Classic. This event is our annual fundraiser and we rely on the generosity of corporate sponsors, private donations, and our charitable golfers. Funds raised at the tournament support the Foundation’s objectives of education, research, advocacy, and prevention of colorectal cancer.

The tournament has become a much anticipated occasion, with the opportunity for golfers to play on some of the metropolitan area’s best courses. Golfers enjoy lunch, beverages, themed holes, prizes, trophies, and a closing event with dinner and program about the Foundation’s mission and efforts.

Make plans to join us October 18th, at Falcon Lakes Golf Course in Basehor, Kansas for a day full of fun, raising much needed funds for colorectal cancer. If you have any questions, please email our Tournament Co-Chairs, Chris & Jess Lamberson.  



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Our Research

Our Research

The Thomas P. O'Sullivan IV Foundation has funded research in a wide variety of areas. Colorectal cancer stem cells, blood biomarkers, natural plant compounds with anti-cancer properties, studies in bacteria and micro-environment, as well as projects that have revealed cancer cell activity not seen before.

This year, the foundation has selected a research-based project on understanding how cancer cells affect immune cell activity in the tumor. Immune cells are supposed to protect the body by killing any infection or bad cell. At times, the immune cell goes awry and hurts normal cells in the body which cause diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

So, why do these cells not kill cancer cells, which are cells that have changed to become bad cells?

We are interested in one specific immune cell type, called the T cell. These cells can be broadly divided into those that carry memory and those that have cell killing activity. We have discovered that the T cells that are supposed to kill cancer cells become dormant within the tumor. We are  therefore, interested in understanding how this happens.

Preliminary studies show that cancer produces chemicals that are taken up by the T cells and this results in them changing from killer cells to cancer promoting cells. We propose to further study this because if we can identify how this happens, we can develop methods that intervene in this process and then the T cells can become killer cells again.

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About Tom

Tom O'Sullivan
It is a wonderful gift to have someone in your life whose company you treasure simply because they inspire you to be a better person. Sometimes it is their impeccable integrity, their compassion or open-mindedness or perhaps just their willingness to give advice in a gentle and genuine manner with just the right dose of humor. Tom O'Sullivan was aged 50 when he died of colon cancer on June 23, 2007, just four months after diagnosis. A Kansas City native, he was the first-born of a large Irish Catholic family and was a local dentist for 25 years. His passing left a huge void in the lives of all who knew and loved him. To read about Tom's journey through his illness and the many messages he received from friends and family, please visit the CaringBridge website..

The Thomas P. O'Sullivan IV Foundation was established to honor this special man and to celebrate his life's work of harmonizing mind, heart, spirit and body. This non-profit organization provides funding for research, education, advocacy, prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer.

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Volunteer for the Golf Tournament

Without our volunteers the tournament would not be possible. Here are a few facts about the tournament and what to expect: Time - The tournament runs from 11 to 7:00 starting with registration. Volunteers will be needed to work from 10:30 to 5:30. Your role - The day of the tournament volunteers are assigned which hole they will be on and who they are paired with. All volunteers work in at least pairs. Food and drinks - Volunteers are provided both lunch and dinner. Plenty of water and pop will be provided to volunteers in addition to drink tickets. We look forward to a beautiful day raising money for colon cancer and would love to spend the day with you. If you would like to volunteer or have questions, please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Nicole Shoemaker. Her email address is .

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Our goals are simple. We strive to continue to raise funds and seek out cutting-edge research that is in need of seed money so that great scientists can continue their work in search of better detection, more effective treatments, and ultimately a cure. We look forward to becoming the regional resource organization to provide guidance and direction to colorectal cancer patients seeking counsel and support in their journey. We will continue to collaborate with organizations to drive national and state legislative action pertaining to Colorectal Cancer. In short, we will strive to make colorectal cancer... "Preventable, Treatable, Beatable."

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